Can a foreigner get health insurance in the US?
Non-immigrants or Non-Citizens in the US with a status, like a worker visa, can purchase health insurance for non-us citizens through the marketplace, using an alien number or 1-94 number to use as supporting documentation. Non-US citizens also have the option of purchasing visitor’s insurance or short-term health insurance. Visitors Insurance is designed to protect travelers from high medical bills during their time in the United States. Coverage includes doctors’ visits, treatment in the emergency room or the hospital, treatment for non-life-threatening and life-threatening illnesses and injuries, prescription drugs, and emergency medical evacuation. Non-US tourists in the United States don’t need to worry about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act but they will have the option to purchase temporary health insurance for foreigners as protection and for their peace of mind.

International students can also purchase health insurance for non-citizens. There is a wide range of international student health plans available that can be purchased directly through the university or a third-party private company. Students can purchase coverage for accidents, emergencies, health complaints, prescription drugs, and doctors’ visits.

Undocumented immigrants, however, would only be able to receive medical treatment if they pay for the cost out of pocket, or if they receive the treatment through an organization that assists immigrants, like community healthcare centers. No other option is currently available.
If you would like more information on purchasing short-term health insurance or have any questions regarding eligibility, contact our customer support team. 1800-501-3537.

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