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Blog Top 4 health ACA insurance companies

When it comes down to choosing and comparing health insurance carriers and benefits, it can be a bit tricky. It is all specific and unique to the individual and their needs and what type of medical benefits are most important to them. Things like what type of benefits they cover, out-of-pocket costs, a summary of benefits, health plan networks, prescription drug coverage? Read more on our blog post on things to look out for when shopping for health insurance. We did our research and are sharing some of the best health insurance companies for ACA.

United Healthcare:

United Healthcare is one of the oldest and more established insurance companies. Founded in 1977, United Healthcare serves more than 45 million customers and works with over 6,500 hospitals and medical centers and 1.2 million physicians and healthcare providers nationwide. One of the pros regarding UnitedHealthcare and its ACA insurance plan offerings is that they offer great short-term health insurance for individuals that are in-between insurances. Just keep in mind that they don’t offer short-term plans in every state.


Cigna, founded in 1982, serves over 95 million customers worldwide. Cigna offers employee plans with $0 annual checkups and a 24/7 Healthline. Cigna offers coverage that varies from dental, vision, pharmacy, wellness, and more. ACA plans are available in 10 states. Cigna was also Ranked “among the best” in Florida for J.D. Power’s Member Satisfaction Index Rankings.


Oscar is one of the most convenient and easiest insurance companies to work with. A newer health insurance company in comparison (founded in 2012), Oscar offers its customers an easy-to-use mobile app that makes managing your policy and booking appointments that much easier. Oscar also offers ACA plans in eligible coverage areas and depending on where you live you might be eligible for healthcare subsidies.

Bright health:

Bright health is an ACA insurance carrier that aims to improve their customers’ quality of care while at the same time saving them money. Bright health offers ACA plans with $0 deductible plan options, $0 primary care visits, and Silver plans that offer $0 copay on preferred generic prescriptions, with tele health visits included. 

Depending on your unique needs, certain plans and companies might be more attractive. Call a Standard Health representative to help you compare plans and help you select the most affordable plan that fits your needs. Call us today! (866) 607-0305

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