Healthy tips for working from home!

Working from home has tons of perks, it offers the flexibility of working on your own schedule, working from the comfort of your own home, foregoing the dreaded daily commute, saving money on gas and other expenses, and so much more. But for some of us working from home also means that we consume more calories than we should and snack more often. Also, daily exercise decreases because we don’t have to commute. So, what steps can we take to ensure that we are eating healthy and appropriately and getting a workout or sweat session in at least once per day to keep our physical and mental wellbeing on point?

1. Starting the day with an active and mindful morning routine. Incorporating some stretching, light reading and/or journaling, and a healthy and hearty breakfast can set a positive tone for the rest of your day. This is key when working from home. Waking up an hour before your start time will provide you with a relaxed and organized mindset for your day.

2. Break a sweat! When it comes to working remotely, sweating it out is highly recommended. Because we are at home, we get less calorie burn and steps throughout the day. So, what can we do to get ahead of this issue? Get a quick run in on our lunch break, do a quick at home workout throughout the day, and go for a walk!

3. Incorporate some type of mindful/calming activity after work such as yoga or meditation to destress. Making sure we are staying calm and centered while working remotely is critical. Whether we decide to end or start our day with a calming activity such as meditation, it will promote our ability to focus and will help to calm our minds and help to lower stress levels, as stress and anxiety can increase with the added pressures of working from home. Even just 15 minutes can make a world of a difference!

4. Think, be, and eat healthily! Buy and keep healthy snacks at home so we will not be tempted throughout the day! Replace snacks that are processed and loaded with sugar with hearty snacks such as granola, fruit, nuts, and yogurt. And don’t forget water, water, water! Staying hydrated is essential for boosting energy levels, productivity, and boosting immunity.

All-in-all working from home has great benefits. So long as we don’t neglect physical and mental aspects of our lives it can really be a game changer! What do you do to keep yourself accountable while working from home? Comment below!

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